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“Juan Came by my home today to quote me on some fixtures I needed to replace as we are renovating our home. Juan was kind and professional and was, most importantly, honest and fair with the prices. We will request for Juan to come by and install all our electrical items, which is also good to know. I told Juan about our outside progress, and he mentioned the company also does outdoor/patio lighting. He will come up with some ideas and bring some samples of the lighting. Military friendly as well. 10 Percent off for the military!!!! We appreciate it as well … Great service and great communication from my first phone call to the end of the job. Thank you all for your help our house looks better with the new fixtures. Much Love.”

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“Middle of the night, we lost power, ended up having to replace the main meter box. I had lost the use of my AC’s, my well, and about everything else that I needed. I called HES at just about 6:30 am thinking I would get an answering service. I was shocked when someone answered, turned out it was the owner. From that point on, they took care of me. I never felt like My job wasn’t a priority to them. From the office staff to both service techs (Juan and David), these guys were awesome. Glad to say I have found a go-to electrician. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone needing an electrician. Thanks again, and Job well done.”

[/et_pb_testimonial][et_pb_image src=”https://www.hunterelectrical.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/testimonials.png” title_text=”testimonials” align=”center” _builder_version=”4.7.3″ _module_preset=”default” custom_margin=”||33px|||”][/et_pb_image][et_pb_testimonial author=”Mike McWilliams ” quote_icon=”off” _builder_version=”4.7.3″ _module_preset=”default” body_text_color=”#000000″ background_color=”rgba(0,0,0,0)” text_orientation=”center” custom_margin=”-31px||-1px|||” custom_padding=”11px|0px|30px|0px||”]

“Another electric company could not fit us in until next week, so they referred us to Hunter Electrical. What a compliment when a competitor thinks highly enough to refer you. Now we know why. We got to work with Juan, and he was EXCELLENT!! Juan wasted no time in diagnosing our electrical issue. He offered an alternative repair that not only saved us a few hundred dollars but was a better option because we ended up with an extra receptacle. Juan was on time, very professional, friendly, and respectful of our home. Definitely a 5+ star experience!”

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“Above and beyond! Beautiful, efficient work, Hunter Electric is the best there is, thank you, Alex, David, and Robert. I had an extraordinary situation: my newly installed metal roof was discovered to carry an electric charge due to a roofing nail piecing an electric line. Hunter Electric disengaged the old line and installed new cables in conduit and separate circuits at the box for my washer, dryer, and water heater. I would never dream of asking anyone but Hunter Electric to help me out.”

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“Juan and David from Hunter Electrical Services we’re amazing! Honest, hard-working, great communication, and great prices! Their quote came in WAY lower than one of their competitors that shall not be named. They fixed a bunch of electrical issues on my 35-year-old house, installed a whole home surge protector, and installed a 220 outlet for my electric vehicle. I couldn’t be happier with the results, and I highly recommend them.”

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“My experience with Hunter electric was very positive; they kept me updated with the details of my upcoming appointment. They also informed me when they were en route and when they completed the job. John was very nice and courteous. John took the time to make sure that we didn’t have any other electrical problems that may affect us down the road. I will definitely use Hunter electric again! Thanks, John, for such a great job????”

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“We love working with Hunter Electric. Always on time and reliable. Angela at the front desk is always so sweet and makes every step easy as it can be, and Hunter reaches out personally to let us know exactly what is going on and sometimes with a better plan than we expected. 10/10 recommend.”

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“Thank you, Hunter Electrical Services, for exceeding our expectations! This is the way a company should be run. From my phone conversation with Angela discussing our needs and scheduling, to the job site and estimate visit by Danny and installation by Scott and crew, communication was polite, clear, concise, timely, and professional. They texted me to let me know they were on their way, arrived on time, installed a great product (which they provided for me), respected my home while they were in it, and cleaned up the job site before leaving. We will be calling them from now on for all our electrical needs.”

[/et_pb_testimonial][et_pb_image src=”https://www.hunterelectrical.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/testimonials.png” title_text=”testimonials” align=”center” _builder_version=”4.7.3″ _module_preset=”default” custom_margin=”-32px||33px|||”][/et_pb_image][et_pb_testimonial author=”Joe and Jody Badalamenti” quote_icon=”off” _builder_version=”4.7.3″ _module_preset=”default” body_text_color=”#000000″ background_color=”rgba(0,0,0,0)” text_orientation=”center” custom_margin=”-31px|||||” custom_padding=”11px|0px|30px|0px||”]

“David called and asked if he could arrive early. We met at the house. He completed a difficult diagnosis on a misbehaving 3-way light circuit (bad wiring buried in the wall). He ran new wiring and corrected code issues (power run on undersized neutral!), and installed a new two switch set-up that allowed separate control of our inside garage and outside lights. Recommended replacement of two light fixtures in the garage (we didn’t bite on that deal despite the attractive price). Work was completed in a professional manner, and he cleaned up the dust and work debris when he was finished. Professional, friendly, and efficient service for a reasonable price. Based on David’s work, we will use them again if the need arises.”

[/et_pb_testimonial][et_pb_image src=”https://www.hunterelectrical.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/testimonials.png” title_text=”testimonials” align=”center” _builder_version=”4.7.3″ _module_preset=”default” custom_margin=”-32px||33px|||”][/et_pb_image][et_pb_testimonial author=”Kit Morissey” quote_icon=”off” _builder_version=”4.7.3″ _module_preset=”default” body_text_color=”#000000″ background_color=”rgba(0,0,0,0)” text_orientation=”center” custom_margin=”-31px|-5px||||” custom_padding=”11px|0px|30px|0px||”]

After years of enduring substandard or incorrect work by others we finally found Hunter Electrical! They are professional and excellent in every regard! Highly recommended. Five Stars!