Home Projects

Kitchen and Bathrooms

  • Guaranteed Work and Labor 
  • Lighting layout and design help
  • Screened, Drug Tested and Background Checked Professionals
  • Honest and Upfront Pricing

Landscape Lighting and Outdoor Spaces


Smart Home

  Surge Protection


Maybe this sounds familiar: There’s a thunderstorm. Lightning strikes nearby. The power cuts out briefly and then returns. When you try to switch on the TV, it doesn’t seem to work. What happened?


Electrical surges can instantly overload and short out the circuitry of home electronics and anything else plugged into the wall and can degrade them over time. Hunter Electrical has a series of products designed to protect your home and property from expensive power surges.

 Real Estate Inspections and Corrections

  • Panels
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Safety Issues
  • Code Issues
  • Second Look Inspections


HES works with real estate brokers, agents, property management companies, and Individual parties to provide accurate information so you can make an educated decision.